Skeleton is a WordPress Bootstrap starter theme. It is based on my Bootstrap Skeleton HTML5 template and it will include the same two principles: easy customization through a reset CSS file and easy upgrading to the newest version of Twitter’s Bootstrap.


So, with the WordPress Bootstrap theme you get theese two (2) principles:

  • Easy upgrade to the latest Bootstrap version; and
  • CSS override file for quick and easy Bootstrap customization.

Plus, you also get:

  • Modernizr – a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser;
  • Font Awesome – scalable vector icons powered by CSS;
  • Ability to create a right-side navbar menu (i.e. you can have left and right);
  • Support for HTML5 in IE through html5shiv JavaScript library;
  • Clean login URL – from /wp-login.php to /login; and
  • Configure features, Google Analytics, excerpt length, and column sizes.

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Get Updates:  


Simply upload the directory to your theme’s directory. Once uploaded, login to your administration panel, navigate to Appearance > Themes. Look for “Skeleton” and click on “Activate Now.”

Upon activation, you’ll be taken to an initial configuration page where you can set basic settings like changing the uploads directory, settings permalinks and so-on.


You can set the configuration of the Skeleton Bootstrap theme by editing the configuration file, which is located in the “lib” directory.

Go to > “lib” directory > “config.php” file.

You can also set custom functions by adding the “custom.php” file, in the “lib” directory.


Download the new version and extract the contents of the zip file. Upload the contents to the Skeleton theme directory, except for the /lib/config.php, /lib/custom.php and /assets/css/reset.css files.


Here is a list of changes made to Bootstrap Skeleton for WordPress:

Version Date Comments
1.1.0 12 February 2014 Add custom login page CSS file, clean login URL, html5shiv and more.
1.0.0 30 January 2014 Initial commit of files.