Importance: High

Type: User Experience

Having a breadcrumb navigation helps in the user experience and therefore in your website’s rankings and you are also building relevancy by showing search engines related and relevant content.

Add schema to your breadcrumb to further increase the web page’s SEO.

Let’s look at an example with schema. The web page you are on is Careers, which is a “sub-page” of About Us. The About Us web page is up one from the root page – the home page.

<!– Start breadcrumb navigation –>

<p class=”breadcrumb”>

<span prefix=”v:“>

<!– Home page –>

<span typeof=”v:Breadcrumb”><a href=”” rel=”v:url” property=”v:title”>Home</a></span> »

<!– About us page –>

<span typeof=”v:Breadcrumb”><a href=”” rel=”v:url” property=”v:title”>About Us</a></span> »

<!– Careers page –>

<span typeof=”v:Breadcrumb”><span class=”breadcrumb_last” property=”v:title”>Careers</span>



<!– End breadcrumb navigation –>