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Diversity of Backlinks

Importance: High Type: Trust Having backlinks from multiple sources is seen as natural, whereas having a single location may be seen as unnatural (spamming).

Nofollow Links

Importance: Medium Type: Relevancy and Quality Search engines, in general, don’t follow links with a nofollow relationship. Having a large amount of nofollow links may be seen as…

Affiliate Links

Importance: Low Type: Quality Having affiliates links won’t necessarily lower your organic search result position but having too many affiliate links may, as it lowers your website’s quality.

Backlinks to the Homepage

Importance: Medium Type: Relevancy and Quality The amount of backlinks to the homepage of your website can increase your website’s rankings.

Reading Level

Importance: High Type: Quality How easy the content is to read. We can use Flesch Reading Ease test to determine how easy the content is to read. The…

Minimum Required PHP Version for Plugins

WordPress has introduced a way for developers to set a minimum required PHP version for their plugins.

Guest Posts

Importance: Low Type: Quality Using guest posts can be a good thing if they are done right. Guest posts need to be relevant and of quality. Having links…

Links from Bad Neighborhoods

Importance: High Type: Trust Backlinks from negative quality websites like spammers can negatively impact your rankings.

Broken Links

Importance: High Type: Quality Google Rater Guidelines states that a website with many broken links shows a website that is neglected or abandoned.

Social Shares of Referring Page

Importance: Medium Type: Relevancy, Quality and User Experience The amount of social shares a web page has may increase its ranking.

Sponsored Links

Importance: High Type: Relevancy and Trust A link with a title attribute containing the words sponsor(ed)(s) etc… or similar may decrease the rankings of that referred web page.

Links From Competitors

Importance: Low Type: Quality Backlinks from similar websites with the similar pagerank may help boost your rankings.

Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page

Importance: High Type: Quality Having web pages with authority linking to another web page of the same domain names further shows importance to search engines.

Authority of Linking Domain

Importance: High Type: Relevancy and Quality The pagerank of a domain name may boost the pagerank for it’s web pages. Example: A domain with a pagerank of 4…

PR of Linking Page

Importance: High Type: Relevancy The pagerank of backlinking web pages is an important factor in search engine rankings, as it shows potential quality, relevancy and authority to the…