The following is a list of projects that I’ve created and currently work on:

Antispam Project

The Anti-Spam Project started in 2005 to help individuals and organization reduce and possibly eliminate email and website spam.

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Travel Guides

A collection of guides to help you learn about each countries own distinct culture, history, and attractions.

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Anti-Fraud Lab

Anti-Fraud Lab reports on the latest online fraud trends, and provides tools and databases to protect individuals from fraud.

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Brand Colors

Brand Colors provides a convenient way to search a collection of major brands’ RGB and HEX color codes.

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Hosted Tools

A collection of free-to-use hosted tools, which includes converters, minifiers and many more to come.

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Travel Bloggers Network

Travel Bloggers Network helps travel bloggers connect, plus create, build, grow and maintain their travel blogs for free.

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Color Palettes

Color Palettes or simply Colors, is a collection of unique color combinations for your design projects.

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