When you install WordPress for the first time, WordPress will add one of everything: post, comment, category, etc… WordPress creates the category with the name of “Uncategorized.” The added category is unlike the added post and comment, because the added Uncategorized category cannot be deleted – only renamed.Now you’re thinking why can’t I delete the default category, “Uncategorized.” This is because posts rely on at least one category. So, let’s say you are about to publish or schedule a post, but you forget to add a category, WordPress will automatically add the post to the default category, “Uncategorized.” It’s done to correct a human mistake.

Typically the “Uncategorized” category will be renamed to blog, other or general or perhaps, you may want to rename it to something else. Let me show you how-to do this.

Firstly, go to your WordPress login page and login.

Next, move your mouse over the “Posts” link on the left sidebar menu. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on “Categories,” which should be the third link in the dropdown menu. You should arrive to a page entitled “Categories.” It looks like this:

Now you can edit the Uncategorized category name in two ways: 1) put your mouse anywhere in the row where the Uncategorized category name appears and click on edit; or 2) click on the Uncategorized category name itself. You should arrive to a page that looks like this:

Change the first option on the page “Name,” and the second option on the page “Slug.” The “Name” option is the display text and the “Slug” option is used in the category URL.

Once you’ve changed these options and any other option(s) you want, click on “Update.”

You’re done!