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Forum Profile Links

Importance: Low Type: Trust Google may not value forum profile links because of forum spamming.

Being Yahoo! Directory Listed

Importance: Low Type: Trust The Yahoo! Directory has been cataloging sites for a long period of time, and many believe that because of that, being listed can rank…

Being DMOZ Listed

Importance: Low Type: Trust A theory is that being DMOZ listed increases your rankings.


Importance: High Type: User Experience Schema are used by major search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex to improve the display of search results, so that their…

User Generated Content Links

Importance: High Type: Relevancy and Quality Search engines are able to recognize links that have been generated through software. An example of this is the hosted version of…

Reciprocal Links

Importance: High Type: Trust Excessive link exchanging can be seen as spammy and therefore decrease your rankings.

Diversity of Backlinks

Importance: High Type: Trust Having backlinks from multiple sources is seen as natural, whereas having a single location may be seen as unnatural (spamming).

Nofollow Links

Importance: Medium Type: Relevancy and Quality Search engines, in general, don’t follow links with a nofollow relationship. Having a large amount of nofollow links may be seen as…

Backlinks to the Homepage

Importance: Medium Type: Relevancy and Quality The amount of backlinks to the homepage of your website can increase your website’s rankings.

Guest Posts

Importance: Low Type: Quality Using guest posts can be a good thing if they are done right. Guest posts need to be relevant and of quality. Having links…

Links from Bad Neighborhoods

Importance: High Type: Trust Backlinks from negative quality websites like spammers can negatively impact your rankings.

Social Shares of Referring Page

Importance: Medium Type: Relevancy, Quality and User Experience The amount of social shares a web page has may increase its ranking.

Sponsored Links

Importance: High Type: Relevancy and Trust A link with a title attribute containing the words sponsor(ed)(s) etc… or similar may decrease the rankings of that referred web page.

Links From Competitors

Importance: Low Type: Quality Backlinks from similar websites with the similar pagerank may help boost your rankings.

Authority of Linking Domain

Importance: High Type: Relevancy and Quality The pagerank of a domain name may boost the pagerank for it’s web pages. Example: A domain with a pagerank of 4…