Tag: JavaScript

Before and After Images using TwentyTwenty

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create before and after images using TwentyTwenty. TwentyTwenty uses CSS and JavaScript to showcase the visual differences between two images, also known as before and after images.

How-to Add highlight.js To Your Website

highlight.js is a syntax highlighting with language autodetection. The idea is similar to Google Code Prettify. This tutorial will show you how-to add highlight.js to your HTML5 website. I’ll provide code for both self-hosting and CDN hosted. You can download hihglihgt.js or read more on highlightjs.org.

HTML Elements Scroll Reveal Animations

Using scrollReveal.js, you can simply create animated HTML elements that fade-in, from all sides and over a certain amount of time. The animations you create are only triggered…

Search Suggestions using ghostwriter.js

Ghostwriter or ghostwriter.js is a neat JavaScript library that provides a simple API for interacting with input[type=”text”] elements. Another great thing about Ghostwriter is that it’s only 5…

How-to Make A Searchable Table with jQuery

Many websites have a table or multiple tables in a single web page, but the problem is, the table(s) are a static component of a web page. So,…