Tag: Site-Level Factors

User reviews/Site reputation

Importance: High Type: User Experience Google has stated it takes third party reviews into account. Reference: http://googleblog.blogspot.ca/2010/12/being-bad-to-your-customers-is-bad-for.html

Site Usability

Importance: High Type: User Experience Having a website that is navigate reduces a end users time on a website, the amount of web pages viewed and the bounce…


Importance: High Type: N/A YouTube videos often appear in search results and testing has shown that after Google Panda, websites with a YouTube account rank higher in Google…

Mobile Optimized

Importance: High Type: User Experience Having a website that is responsive, meaning it flawlessly works in mobile devices is critical, as it goes to the user’s experience. Google…

Breadcrumb Navigation

Importance: High Type: User Experience Having a breadcrumb navigation helps in the user experience and therefore in your website’s rankings and you are also building relevancy by showing…

Duplicate Meta Information On-Site

Importance: High Type: Quality and Relevancy Your focus keyword should not be used on any other web page and the meta descriptions should be unique.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Importance: High Type: Trust Having a terms of service and privacy policy web page shows signs that your website is trustworthy.

SSL Certificate

Importance: Low Type: Trust Google has confirmed that having a SSL certificate increases your rankings as it builds trust and shows signs of a legitimate website.

Server Location

Importance: High Type: Relevancy Having a server located in a country where the search is being performed can increase the rank of the web page.

Site Uptime

Importance: High Type: User Experience Having a website that is constantly down or down for large period of time(s) can negatively impact your search engines and possibly deindex…

Presence of XML Sitemap

Importance: High Type: N/A A presence of a XML sitemap is extremely important, as it helps search engine by giving them a map of your website with web…

Contact Us Page

Importance: High Type: User Experience Google Quality Document states that a website should have an appropriate amount of contact information.

Content Provides Value and Unique Insights

Importance: High Type: Quality Search engines are looking for content that provides a original, new and useful information / content.

Number of Pages

Importance: Low Type: Quality Having a low amount of web pages can be seen as having a week authority by search engines and therefore the more quality web…

Site Architecture

Importance: High Type: Relevancy Search engines like websites with a silo structure, meaning the website consists of focus keywords related to each other.