The new release of WordPress, version 3.8, brought a new WordPress admin design. The default colour scheme it black, blue and grey, which are typical colours for WordPress; it’s inline with their branding. However, you may find it to dark, so you go to your profile to view other colour schemes available – Users > Your Profile.Default WordPress Admin Colors

You may still not like the available admin colour schemes. But, don’t worry, there is a solution. You can customize the admin colour by using the “Admin Color Schemer” plugin.

How-to Install Admin Color Schemer

Hover over ‘Plugins,” on the left menu and go to “Add New.”

Search for “Admin Color Schemer.” You’ll end up with two (2) results. The first one is the one you want (check to make sure it says “Admin Color Schemer.”). Click on “Install Now,” which will install the plugin. You’ll be taken to a page entitled “Installing Plugin: Admin Color Schemer 1.0.” Once uploaded, click on “Activate Plugin.”

Once the plugin is installed and activated, the plugin will add a menu under the “Tools” menu on the left-hand side.

Admin Colors Tools Menu

You’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

You can now customize four (4) basic options: base, icon, highlight, and notification. If you click on “how advanced options,” you’ll be taken to even more colouring options.

There is a preview option available before you save the changes.