A collection of informative web pages about various topics such as digital, technology and travel.

Name Description
Affordable Expat-Friendly Cities This table provides an overview of expat-friendly cities around the world known for their affordability, where a monthly budget of under $1,000 (in $USD) can cover essential expenses such as housing, food, transportation, healthcare, utilities, and entertainment.
Cryptocurrencies The table below detail various aspects of each cryptocurrency, from founders and creation dates to consensus mechanisms and maximum supply.
Cryptocurrency Exchanges A curated table of some of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges to date.
Cryptocurrency Regulation and Adoption by Country This table provides a comprehensive snapshot of the regulatory landscape, government stance, and general populace adaptation towards cryptocurrency in various countries.
Cultural Festivals This table showcases a diverse collection of festivals, each rich in tradition and offering a unique glimpse into the heritage and customs of its respective region.
Digital Nomad Visas This table provides a list of destinations where you can obtain a digital nomad visa in 2023, providing an array of choices to suit various preferences and needs.
Special Characters A list of special characters. Special characters are symbols that are created using a special code.